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I want to send the BSA Club an email.
For general enquiries,  specific email addresses are on the Contacts Page
Please read our answers to the FAQs before you email us.
What does BSA stand for?
Birmingham Small Arms (Co. Ltd.). A significant armaments manufacturer, BSA and others in that industry, had the technology to produce internal combustion engines, upon its invention at the turn of the 20th century. BSA became the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer. In the early 1970s, BSA was taken over by the Norton Villiers Triumph Group.  

Alternatives are:    

Bits Stuck Anywhere, Bastard Stopped Again, 
Boy Scouts Association, Bloody Sore Arse (Ass for the yanks), Bull Shit Artist . . . the list goes on.
When did the club first start?
The first meeting was held on February 7th, 1973. History
Can I apply for membership on the web?
At the moment we don't have facilities for this but there is a membership form on the website which you can print off, fill in your details and post.  Membership form
Does the Club have any Rules or Regulations?
Yes! The Club is an Incorporated body in the Sate of Victoria, Australia and as such has a Constitution or " Rules And Statement Of Purposes Of The B.S.A. Motor Cycle Owners"Rules
I sent my membership form but haven't heard back
Once your application is processed, you will receive the monthly magazine, the BSA Burble. Typically, a month after sending your application, you should receive your first Burble.
What's my BSA Motorcycle worth?
This Club doesn't do valuations or guestimations. 

Your best answer is in the market. For a guide to asking prices, look in the classified ads in motor publications or on the web. In Australia, the Just Motor Bikes magazine is the major classified publication. New Zealanders have the Motorcycle Marketplace magazine. The Old Bike Mart magazine fills a similar role in the UK. Classic Bike magazine is also strong on their free pictorial ads. On the web, try Ebay auctions. Add an item to your watch list if you want to know what it sells for . . . then there's vendor bids.

If all else fails, join our Club, come to a meeting or Club Run and talk to your fellow members.

I am looking for spares for my bike, can you recommend where I can find them?
A number of Australian suppliers who sponsor our annual All British Rally advertise in our BSA Burble magazine. 
Our Links pages list All British Rally Sponsors. Try them first.
I am looking for spares for my bike, can your members help ?
Post a letter to our Secretary, who can be included in the business at a General Meeting.  
The Postal address is on the Contacts page
I have some problems with my bike and need some help and advice.
Come to our monthly meetings. Many of our experienced members may be able to provide advice.
I have a bike with the following engine and frame numbers and would like to know what model it is. and its original colour.
The BSA Owners Club of NSW have a CGI page on their site. Key in your engine and frame numbers and stand back. Alternatively, a number of excellent texts are widely available from specialist bookshops and parts suppliers. The BSA OC (UK) also provide a similar service using data from the factory despatch records. This service is useful if your machine's numbers are an exception to the normal numbering sequence.
I have a picture of my father/grandfather's motor bike. Do you know where it is now ?
BSA Motorcycles were the "most popular motorcycle in the world" . Unless your relative's machine had a particular history, tracking its present whereabouts would be a considerable challenge.
I have an enquiry about a BSA Stationary engine, firearm or bicycle. 
We specialise in the BSA Motorcycle products. While some members may have detailed knowledge of the non Motorcycle BSA products, they are only of curiosity value to the general membership. 
I would like to contact a BSA Club nearby.
Wether you are in Australia or any other part of the world, go to our Links 
page. We would like to think we have a complete listing.