BSA Tempest Prototype

Photos - Peter Agnew

An initial concept prototype was built using the British-designed and built 1000cc Rhind-Tutt Wasp engine, and part of the purpose of this machine was to gauge the reaction of BSA enthusiasts.

BSA Regal’s intention to build a traditionally styled, recognisably British motorcycle with the emphasis on handling and usability, and the prototype gives an indication of this concept.  Target figures are a weight of less than 190Kg (420lb) and a power output of 85BHP+ with a good spread of torque.

BSA state that there is considerable development still to be done before the design can be finalised, and hopefully those interested will appreciate that this process is a long one for a relatively small company such as BSA.  They feel it is unlikely that the new bike will be available within the next 12 to 18 months. BSA have set up a database of interested parties and will keep enquirers informed of progress.